Bubašpara Children´s Building Society Savings

From birth to 15

Bubašpara Children´s Building Society Savings

From birth to 15

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Parents play the fundamental and the most important role in raising children from the earliest age. Would you like to teach your children responsibility, importance of saving and money from the young age, and also fulfil some of their dreams along the way? Pick the Bubašpara Children's Building Society Savings!


  • Flexibility


    Choose when and how much you pay, according to your abilities and needs

  • Attractive interest rate

    Attractive interest rate

    Annual savings interest rate 1,8%

  • Additional benefit

    Additional benefit

    Lower account management fee – only HRK 1.50 per month

  • Government subsidy

    Government subsidy

    For every annual payment amount, besides the regular interest rate, you receive also the right to the Government subsidy set for the respective calendar year

  • No fee charged

    No fee charged

    Open the Bubašpara Children's Building Society Savings account with savings up to 150.000 kuna at zero-fee for contracting the agreement

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  • The increase in your child's savings over time

    The increase in your child's savings over time

    Agreed savings period 5 years
    Agreed kuna amount 27.000,00 16.000,00 10.000,00
    Monthly payment in kuna 419,00 250,00 150,00
    Interest rate 1,5% 1,5% 1,5%
    Effective interest rate (EIR) 1,63% 1,53% 1,37%
    Total savings amount in kuna 26.199,53 15.593,76 9.317,98

    *The effective interest rate (EIR) calculation is based on the assumption that savings began on 1/1/2020, and included also the agreement fee which is HRK 0.00, the account management fee of HRK 1.50 /month (HRK 18.00 /year) and the Government subsidy (DPS).
    The Government subsidy (DPS) is approved from the RH Government budget, and the DPS amount can change pursuant to the Act on Building Society Savings and the Government subsidy for Building Society Savings. Pursuant to the Decision of the Ministry of Finance, the 2020 Building Society Savings DPS is 0.7%, or max. HRK  35.00 annually. 
    The calculation does not include the tax and surtax charged, pursuant to the Act on amendments to the Income Tax Act (Official Gazette NN 143/14), for the calculated, accrued and/or paid savings interest and interest for the Government subsidy.
    Calculation samples are for information purposes only and may not be used otherwise. 

    Promotion terms valid until 31.12.2020.

How do you contract Bubašpara?


One legal representative (parent, guardian or proxy) can contract the Bubašpara Building Society Savings in the name of a minor, by presenting the minor's birth certificate.

Further information on Building Society Savings can be obtained by making an appointment at the Bank retail branch of your convenience, or by looking it up on the Raiffeisen Building Society web site



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