mojaRBA mobile banking

Every mojaRBA has a story.

mojaRBA mobile banking

Every mojaRBA has a story.

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How to subscribe?



You can subscribe mojaRBA mobile banking:
- via online application
- through mojaRBA application - chose the option "Videocall activation" after downloading the app
- via old RBA na dlanu application
- via internet banking
- in the branch
You can use mojaRBA application if you already have a kuna or foreign currency current or giro account in the RBA, use an RBA credit card or have an RBA credit or savings (term savings deposit and / or a vista savings account).


Get mojaRBA app in just a few steps

mojaRBA mobile app activation process is very easy. Once you download the app to your device, follow the short video instructions showing you what to do.

For clients who use RBA na dlanu mobile banking app, we enabled a rapid activation of the new mojaRBA app.
Just download the new app to the same mobile device and follow activation instructions shown below under "I use RBA na dlanu".

All the other clients need an activation code to activate mojaRBA application. You receive the activation codes when you subscribe the mobile banking. Once you have the codes check out the option "I have activation codes".


I have activation codes


I use RBA na dlanu


  • Technical requirements
    • mojaRBA application is available for mobile devices running operating systems:
      •    Apple iOS version 11.0 or later,
      •    Google / App Gallery Android version 6.0 or later.

      Network traffic charge is paid only to a mobile operator and the cost is not associated with the bank.