FlexiBIZ savings account

FlexiBIZ savings account

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Have surplus funds?

FlexiBIZ savings account is a perfect solution!

FlexiBIZ savings account enables the use and disposal of your funds at any time, earning a higher a vista interest rates with no term-savings agreement. Funds in the savings account may be transferred to any of your RBA accounts via iDIREKT Internet banking, which makes them available for payment transactions.



  • Sound liquidity management

    Sound liquidity management

    Funds are at your disposal when you need them, with every kuna in your account being worth more!

  • Higher a vista interest rates

    Higher a vista interest rates

    Quarterly interest accrual.

  • RBA iDIREKT Internet banking

    RBA iDIREKT Internet banking

    The use RBA Internet banking is free of charge for FlexiBIZ savings account holders!

Interest rates

  • A vista interest rates via a FlexiBIZ savings account

    A vista interest rates via a FlexiBIZ savings account

    Savings amount in HRK Interest rate*
    0 - 200.000,00  0,20%
    200.000,01 - 600.000,00  0,30 %
    600.000,01 - 1,000.000,00  0,40 %
    1,000.000,01 - 2,000.000,00  0,50 %
    * the above listed interest rates shall be implemented as of 01/09/2016.




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