RaiConnect Application

To your Bank by the Application from any Location

RaiConnect Application

To your Bank by the Application from any Location

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Meet RaiConnect


Experience a simpler, more modern way of communicating and dealing with the bank. Use RaiConnect to connect with your personal banker - without coming to a branch. Choose between the Internet platform and the mobile application or combine them as you like best. In any case, RaiConnect is a safe way to exchange information and business documents, saving your precious time.


RaiConnect Communication Channels

  • Chat


    Chat with your personal banker.

  • Meet up

    Meet up

    Hold a meeting or make a video call.

  • Exchange documents

    Exchange documents

    Send your documents and share your screens safely.

RaiConnect Advantages

  • In Your Rhythm of Business

    In Your Rhythm of Business

    The application enables access to your personal banker who has a higher focus on your finance and business.

  • Timesaving


    Communicate with us simply and fast by messages, audio calls or let’s hold a video meeting. Find out all information and conditions regarding RBA products and services without coming to a branch.


  • Security


    The application allows you to safely exchange documents and your screen with the bank. 
    The service is available throughout Croatia. 


How to contract
RaiConnect Service?

To use RaiConnect, fill the online application for opening of the transaction account and select the FlexiBIZ BONUS package, which includes the RaiConnect service. Until 30/06/2024 the special benefit is that you can use the FlexiBIZ BONUS package for 12 months free of charge, which saves you 210,00 EUR!


Apply online

If you do hold a Business Account at RBA, and would like to use RaiConnect, your next step is to contact your banker or contract the FlexiBIZ BONUS package. The package includes the RaiConnect service. 


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Minimum Technical Requirements


Minimum technical requirements which your smart phone should meet to provide for app installation is the iOS version 11.

Download the RaiConnect application from the App Store for iOS devices and Google Play for Android devices:

Minimum technical requirements for installation on android devices - version 4.4.


Activation and Use of RaiConnect


Here comes the most interesting part – using the RaiConnect app.

We prepared a clear and detailed Application User Guide (available in Croatian only), but feel free to contact us directly at the info telephone.




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