Investment financing

Investment financing

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We support you in implementation of your business plans!

If you invest in developing your business and wish to modernise the existing plants, build or buy real estate, acquire new equipment or renew your fleet, you need and investment loan.


  • Individual approach

    Individual approach

    In cooperation with you, we will find an optimal solution to finance your investment.

  • Flexible conditions adjusted to your needs

    Flexible conditions adjusted to your needs

    Loan proceeds may be disbursed at once or successively.

  • Deferred payment

    Deferred payment

    Possibility of a 6-12 month grace period.

  • Special financing program

    Special financing program

    Kroz naše suradnje nudimo vam široke mogućnosti financiranja.

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  • Terms and conditions

    Terms and conditions

    The loan amount depends on your needs and creditworthiness and it may range from EUR 5,000 up to a maximum of EUR 212,000.

    Loans may be granted in EUR or in a foreign currency.

    Loan repayment is over up to 10 years, with the possibility of a 6-12 months grace period.

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