Cash loans in kuna with favorable
interest rates, quick and easy

Get the offer in 5 minutes!

Cash loans in kuna with favorable
interest rates, quick and easy

Get the offer in 5 minutes!

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In 5 minutes discover the RBA world and the cash loan in kuna!

You have only one life to live, so dare to dream! Travel? Home renovation? New car?
You have ideas, wishes, plans - turn them into reality with favorable terms of RBA cash loans!


  • Bank offer in 5 minutes

    Bank offer in 5 minutes

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  • No loan processing fee

    No loan processing fee

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Discover a special offer of RBA cash loans


We support all of your plans with RBA non-purpose cash loans!

Get a non-purpose cash loan in kuna for Bank clients and customers of other banks.

►Loan amount from HRK 15.000,00 up to HRK 300.000,00 
►Interest rate from 5,63% (EKS 6,25%) variable or from 5,93% (EKS 6,57%) fixed
►Loan repayment deadlines from 36 to 120 months
►No loan processing fee

Check out the terms for this special offer of cash loans in kuna (available in Croatian only).

Cash loans offer

  • Example of total loan amount and total costs:

    Example of total loan amount and total costs:

    Loan amount 60.000,00 kn 60.000,00 kn
    Regular interest rate 5,63% floating rate 5,93% fixed rate
    Effective interest rate (EIR) 6,25% 6,57%
    Loan repayment period 7 god. (84 mj.) 7 god. (84 mj.)
    Monthly installment 865,91kn 874,50 kn
    Interest rate for the period of loan repayment 12.736,44 kn 13.458,00 kn
    Intercalary interest rate 276,89 kn 291,64 kn
    Loan processing fee 0,00 kn 0,00 kn
    Total payment amount 73.913,33 kn 73.749,64kn

    Calculation examples are presented for the purpose of buying, for the Bank's clients, assuming that the loan disbursement date is on 1.7.2020. and payment of intercalate interest by 31.7.2020., standard monthly repayment.  In the calculation of the total payment amount and the EIR are not included the possible costs of the loan insurance premium or the life insurance policy because they are determined for each client individually depending on his status and the amount of the loan. 



U redovnoj ponudi RBA kredita su i Lombardni krediti uz štedni ulog.

Regular terms of non-purpose cash loans


Take a look at the terms for non-purpose personal loan in kuna with variable interest rate or fixed interest rate (available in Croatian only) for refinancing your existing financial liabilities in RBA.

How to raise a personal loan


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Visit the nearest RBA branch and find out all you want to know about raising a personal loan!