Caution – RBA does not send emails with the subject Notice of Inflow!


We would like to warn you about increased malicious activities, specifically, emails asking for your personal and financial information. The goal of these activities is to misappropriate funds from your account.


Generally, their subject starts like this – Notice of Inflow...
The text is a notification of the alleged foreign exchange inflow into the account, and there is a call to act urgently within 15 days.
To make the email look as convincing as possible, senders even use our actual info phone numbers and email addresses.
However, RBA Bank never sends emails with information about the inflow of funds to our clients.
Do not reply to such email at all and do not open the attachment! You should delete that email right away.
If you did open the attachment – immediately scan your computer or laptop with an anti-virus program. Chances are you will be able to delete the malware.

If you are not sure if the email you received is a scam or not – feel free to call your banker or our info phone on 072 62 62 62.