The property of our clients is safe


RBA (Raiffeisenbank Hrvatska) does not operate in the affected markets of Ukraine and Russia and that is why there is no exposure to these markets for us. 97% of the RBA's operations take place within the Republic of Croatia and the European Union.


Based on the experience we have developed a proven approach that protects our clients, and it consists of:

• conservative management of the bank's business activities, which does not expose clients and us to significant risk on the Croatian market
• high levels of liquidity and capital significantly above all requirements of European regulators
• very strict strategies from which our independence from the RBI and other members of the RBI Group arises

In addition, our high level of liquidity allows us to settle our obligations at any times. The bank has high liquidity, over 2 billion euros. The Bank maintains a regulatory liquidity ratio of 211% at 30.9.2021, while the regulator's request is 100%.

I would like to emphasize that our bank's business is in excellent shape and that all services and all products, all domestic and international payments (except those covered by sanctions) are available to our customers.

The most recent information that this unprecedented situation leads RBI to consider its position in Russia will have no repercussions on RBA business in Croatia since we operate independently from RBI.